What is the GMT block pallet?

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08 Nov.2021

GMT pallet is a new product in our company. GMT pallet for concrete block is made of fiber as reinforcing material and base of thermoplastic resin through mould pressing.It is a kind of plastic brick pallet for concrete block. It is currently an extremely popular plastic pallet in the world and is consider one of the most promising pallet today. 

There are many advantages of our GMT pallet:
1.Light weight:The density of our GMT pallet for concrete block is 1.2g/cm3 better than PVC brick pallet(1.75g/cm3-1.8g/cm3) So the weight of our GMT pallet lighter than PVC pallet.
2.Endurable: Our GMT pallet for concrete block can be used for 8-10 years.
3. Impact resisitance: You can hit our GMT pallet for concrete block whatever you want.
4. High loading capacity. It’s lower flexure of our GMT pallet for concrete block.
5. Abrasion resistant: the abrasion resistance is better than pvc pallet and wood pallet.
6. Customize size.

If you have any questions about our GMT block pallet, please feel free to contact us.

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