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Classic case
  • Ghana

    Our client in Ghana he bought our pallet for his old machine ,our pallet very durable ,he is very satisfied with our pallet, so he also buy one big machine from us to expand his block business.

  • Nicaragua

    Our client from Nicaragua, after he use our pallet, he feel our pallet very strong and durable, so in following two years he bought more than 3000 pcs from us.

  • Guinea

    This is our GMT pallet, which is for Guinea client. Pallet size is 900*550*23mm, it is use for QT4-16 block machine , As the company grows, client plan to order more pallet for his machine.

  • Bengal

    This client bought our PVC pallets in 2021 from our our agent in Bangladesh, they are mianly produce hollow blocks, they were very satisfied with our pallet quality, He said he will choose us again when he needs pallet and block machine in the future.

  • Ukraine

    This Ukraine client bought our pallets in 2020, their pallet size is 1400x950x30mm, totally bought 400pcs pallets, before shipping the pallets, we tested the pallets with 400KGS blocks, 300KGS blocks, and 200 KGS blocks. our client was very satisfied with our pallet quality.

  • Ghana

    Our Ghana client concerns about the pallet quality greatly, because if the pallet is bent after block demolding, it will impact the block dimension or appearance. in order to dispel his doubt, we send pallet sample to him for testing, he is very satisfied with our pallet quality and place the order immediately.

  • Brazil

    That Brazil customer bought two container pallet first time in year 2020, he bought the pallet for his customer, the customer's feedback is very good. So every two months, he bought two container pallet from us in year 2021.

  • Mexico

    The Mexico customer purchased 1,000 PVC pallets from our company in 2018. After years of use, the pallets still maintain intact and look no sign of damage, so he planned to buy 1,000 pcs more from us this year.