The 124th Canton Fair -- Qingdao HF Machinery Moves forward again

News Information
26 Sep.2018

The 124th Canton Fair kicked off on Oct 15, 2018. Since the inception in 1957, the fair has played a positive role in promoting Chinese opening-up and economic development. After participating in the 121st Canton Fair in 2017, we took the train of the 124th Canton Fair actively.

In the course of this exhibition, we had a positive conversation with exhibitors and customers from many countries and regions, especially the countries along the Belt and Road. We have communicated with many clients from Myanmar. In recent years, with the rapid development of the local construction market, the demand for many construction equipment is also increasing. Therefore, the Myanmar customer put his eyes on the block-making machine, which is best to be a block machine with high output and convenient operation. Based on his description of relevant factors, we recommended our large equipment to him and reached cooperation.

Since this exhibition, we have reached cooperation with customers in 130 countries and regions, and continue to make efforts to open the international market.