The 121st Canton Fair - Qingdao HF Machinery start our journey

News Information
30 Apr.2017

In 2017, the 121st China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) officially kicked off at Pazhou Hall in Guangzhou. The Canton Fair is seen as an indicator of China's foreign trade, representing the recent trend of international import and export trade. Qingdao HF Machinery also actively participated in this exhibition, and attracted many friends from belt and Road countries and regions to inquire into it.

In this exhibition, we discussed and answered customers from Bolivia, Mexico, Bangladesh and other countries and regions on such topics as "how to improve the production speed of hydraulic block-making machines" and "some operational problems with block-making machines". 

We found that many customers bought block-making machines before have problems such as easy wear and tear of molds, improper operation of personnel and late maintenance follow-up. So we also characteristic of the mould material and the processing technology of our company for instructions, can significantly extend the service life of mould, and we attached great importance to follow up the machine after the late service with local training guidance, professional and technical personnel to help customers improve production efficiency from the service side.