What is block pallet?

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14 Jul.2023

A block pallet is a type of pallet that is characterized by its construction using solid blocks or cubes as the main support structure. It is also known as a "four-way pallet" because it allows forklifts or pallet jacks to access it from all four sides, facilitating easy handling and transportation.

Block pallets typically consist of a top deck, a bottom deck, and multiple solid blocks or cubes placed vertically between the decks to provide structural stability. These blocks are usually made of wood, plastic, or other durable materials. These blocks provide additional support and stability to the pallet, making it more durable and capable of handling heavier loads.

Compared to stringer pallets, which have parallel boards known as stringers running lengthwise on the sides, block pallets offer better load-bearing capacity due to their solid block supports. They are commonly used in industries such as warehousing, logistics, and transportation, where heavy or bulky items need to be stacked and transported efficiently.

Block pallets are designed to provide stability, durability, and ease of handling during material handling operations. They are often preferred in situations where there is a need for reliable support for heavy loads or when products require additional protection during storage and transportation.

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    The GMT Block Pallet's eco-friendly materials and recyclable nature align with our company's sustainability goals.

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    With its excellent load-bearing capacity, the GMT Block Pallet allows us to maximize the efficiency of our supply chain operations.