Pakistan International Building Materials Fair 2018 -- Those things about friendly cooperation with Pakistani customers

News Information
29 Dec.2018

In 2018, Mr. Wang, the manager, represents the company went to Pakistan International Building Materials Expo. In recent years, the Pakistani government has gradually shifted its focus to economic recovery and development, attracted a large number of foreign investment,Pakistan is a country with many development opportunities.

As the policy changes, the demand for housing has increased in Pakistan. Construction is booming, but due to the low level of industrialization, construction equipment is also largely dependent on imports, which is has also created the conditions for the export of our block-making machines to Pakistan. We met a client from Pakistan at the fair,he was particularly interested in our QT10-15 automatic equipment and was very satisfied after purchase. He is still a loyal customer of ours.

We met a lot of friendly Pakistani friends in the exposition, and we looking forward to the next exhibition.